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Oct 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
%. there will still be a substantial deficit, but it will be smaller. president obama's main contribution to this $16 billion debt, which is a trillion dollar debt, a ten-year figure projecting out ten years was the stimulus bill, which is $800 billion, which i believe was a good thing to do. i think that might be bigger without it. it kept people working and paying taxes and off the government payrolls. because it created new jobs. if you look at his annual spending budgets, they are about 2% increase. that's less than the rate of inflation. so, i think that the reason that i believe he'lwin re-election is we are beginning to recover. we have a higher rate of job creation since the recession bottomed out in the middle of 2009 than in the previous eight years. and, we are moving in the right direction and the policies he's advocated are going to produce good economic results. if people thought it was like another recession, he would be in trouble. it's not like another recession. they know it. >> people say the paralysis in washington, the inability to get in a room and get a deal done. i interviewed
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to start talking about the issues. they're going to start talking about the economy. why the deficit's been above $1 trillion now four years running, and maybe if the moderators get into it, what's happening in the middle east, and what they think they can do about it. i think that governor romney's plan's going to be to try to stick to the substance because i think the country knows we need a change. >> i'm only half joking about kicking out of the room. metaphorically, a lot of republicans want to see mitt romney do just that to the president. they want to see him verbally beat him up and make the points that you've made crystal clear and win the argument. but there's another argument that says that one of mitt romney's problems is he's not likeable enough and he may need to turn on the kind of easy ronald reagan charm which he deployed so successfully in debate. it's a fine line, isn't it, between being hard and aggressive and making a point, but also coming over as likeable. >> right. and piers, really, the way to deal with that, and i think this is true for any debate but especially on
Oct 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
deficit went uagaithugh throof andll othos a things but that'shy i created also thscarzeneer ititute at the usc so that i can coinue on tse policies and solve problems in e future, even ough i'm out of offi. i willon an one youenece gornor, one te you were gornor. wh aice would you have for mi y in partilar,s a publrean, but also bark ama,hereside. they'rine head-to-he what'sour adce? >> i thi thankheebates, e most important thing is to real. don't want to give aice to those gu becse lk, f of all, romney and obama, both hem tvery skied all very smart and they have mbepro- >> what was yo strategy, then, in debates? >> to be as honests possible annot torop dlot of numrss and fas and statistics becse right into the screen anto commicate with the people and i concerns, sohat ey understand what needs to be done in the future and how important it is to try to do everything that you can to bring both of thpartietogether, becae no party anno ideology has really the lock on all thprlems, solving all the problems and the solutions and all that. so eryone, it always works wo together. that'
Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
created, and the budget deficit went up again through the roof and all of those things. but that's why i created also the schwarzenegger institute at the usc so that i can continue on these policies and solve problems in the future, even though i'm out of office. i will continue to be a public servant. >> you took part in two debates, one when you became governor, one later when you were governor. what advice would you have for mitt romney in particular, as a republican, but also barack obama, the president. they're going head-to-head tomorrow. what's your advice? >> i think that in the debates, the most important thing is to be real. i don't want to give advice to those guys because look, first of all, romney and obama, both of them are very skilled and very smart and they have maybe political differences in how to approach the problems, but -- >> what was your strategy, then, in debates? >> to be as honest as possible and not to drop a lot of numbers and facts and statistics because people don't remember that. you've got to be able to look right into the screen and to communicate with
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
'm going to add $5 trillion to the deficit but it doesn't make it true. i think what we saw last night, we saw mitt romney, who looks presidential, who has a plan for the future, who talked about his plan and talked about creating 12 million jobs. what we saw from president obama was -- wait a minute, piers. what we saw once again was -- >> this is my show, young lady. moving to brent o'donnell at high speed. now, from a purely technical point of view, in the way that barack obama conducted himself in appearance last night, a few things surprised me. most of all as i was watching, i was live tweeting, this continual looking down at his notes, disengaging completely from mitt romney. i just thought it looked strange. >> yeah. you know, his body language, whatold an incredible story, the way he communicated last night said more than he actually said with his mouth. maria said he looked into the camera. he was looking down at his notepad way more than he was looking into the camera and his body language basically said you know, i'm not interested in being here, i'm irritated i have to be here
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
? because according to experts, he would have to raise taxes on the middle class, or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here, how could we ever trust him here? >> roller coaster week hitting a high note for president obama. the new jobless numbers are easing the pain of his poor debate performance and bring romney's momentum to a sharp stop or it may not. joining me now, "new york times" columnist, nick kristof. let's start with the job figures today. because it's clearly good news for barack obama politically if nothing else. >> not only the numbers today but the revisions for the last two months. we seem to really be on a trajectory and you know, this is going -- apparently what really matters is not the economy for the year but the economy at the moment as people approach the election. people are beginning to vote. >> the good news for barack obama there. not so good news his performance at the debate. common consensus is a bit of a turkey. >> he blew it. >> why de blid he blow it? he's such a skillful orator usually. >> it's a paradox. he's a skillful communicat
Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, and we lost kind of the jobs at we had created, the budget deficit went up again through the roof, all of those things. but that's why i created also the schwarzenegger institute at usc, so that i can continue on those policies and solve problems in the future, even though i'm out of office. so continuing to be a public servant. >> people have been hard on mitt romney, being rich and successful. what do you think of that? are you surprised that america, the country that gave you the opportunity to become what you are, they would now turn on somebody who has accomplished what they used to call the american dream. >> as you know, john f. kennedy came from a very rich family, but the democrats don't want to talk about that. >> to be honest, i can't take the other side for real. they don't believe that that is a bad thing that he was successful. nor does i think the romney side think sometimes what they accuse obama of. you cannot take this seriously. this is a political year, there's a campaign going on. they will try to do anything they can and especially the other groups out there who p
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)